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The problem

Since, acute middle ear infection is difficult to diagnose accurately, there is a tendency to treat it extensively with antibiotics. This occurs even though over 80 percent of the episodes would cure without the need for an antibiotic treatment. As a result, middle ear infection is a major contributor to an unnecessary usage of antibiotics. The increase of antibiotic resistance among bacteria is becoming a serious problem in many places in the world.

The solution

otometri mittauskuva

Otometri has developed a reliable solution which enables parents to detect and monitor middle ear infections at home. The solution is based on the combination of acoustic reflectometry and a self-learning neural network. With Otometri's solution, parents and medical professionals can decide the most appropriate treatment for the child. Parents can detect the presence of acute middle ear infection in the comfort of their own home and can monitor the development and seriousness of the infection. This will result in preventing their children being exposed to unnecessary antibiotic treatment. Additionally, avoiding antibiotic treatment in mild cases of the infection helps to reduce the risk of repetitive episodes.

The product

otometri mittalaite valkea

The product consists of a measurement device which is connected to a laptop or a PC. The user performs a painless and non-invasive measurement on the child's ear. The measured data is sent to a server via an Internet connection where real-time analysis returns the results to the user. The results can be stored safely on the server for reviewing the measurement history or presenting the results to medical professionals for their consultation.

Otometri's ear infection measurement device has been available for the Finnish market since December 2010. The product is currently available at 50 pharmacy stores throughout Finland and in various online stores. During this period, thousands of Otometri measurements have helped Finnish parents act for their child's best interest and to have peace of mind through the knowledge of being fully aware of the development of the infection.

The company

Otometri Ltd. is a privately owned company located in the Oulu region of Northern Finland. Oulu is one of the foremost technology centres in Finland. Otometri has been developing its solution in close cooperation with Oulu University Hospital and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Otometri received two separate innovation awards for its solution during 2011.

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